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Electronic invoiceing

Our platform for electronic invoiceing help companies automate the entire invoiceing process. We deliver a system where the invoices are sent and automatically interpreted electronically. Almost all companies have some form of computer program for their bookkeeping and invoicing. Now they don’t need to think about different formats, or purchase an e-business module. Our software takes care of the invoice and transforms it into an electronic invoice directly in your own environment.

Click this link for more information about our electronic invoicing product EasyInvoice


EasySurveyor is a tool for creating and publishing questionnaries on the web. The questionnarie is created and designed in the administrative tool and could the be accessed and filled in by the user from the web in a form of a dynamic website.

Production planning

OnTop DOT is an optimization application for production planning. With a simple structure for analysing qualities, orders, products and customer registers. This program features unique functions for cutting waste and losses to a minimum.

Document management

BlueShoes is an application for document management and document creation. Use our dynamic tool to organize and update your documents from catalogs, pricelists, orders, products and customer registers.

Quote to order

Our web application for simplified quote-to-order enablement for the selling of products and services. We help our customers to configure, price, quote and propose their offerings across multiple sales and distribution channels.


WebMonitor is an internet application for the paper/nonwoven manufacture. The program takes information from a web inspection system and offers a simple way to supervise one or several production lines through a LAN or by Internet. A very user-friendly program that offers many new ideas in product surveillance.

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Seamless integration with existing operations and processes

We give you software development and system integration, always using the latest techniques available.

WebMonitor is a web application for the paper / nonwoven manufacture



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