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WebMonitor is an internet application for the paper/nonwoven manufacture. The program takes information from a web inspection system and offers a simple way to supervise one or several production lines through a LAN or by Internet. A very user-friendly program that offers many new ideas in product surveillance.


The search for reels or products take place very easily,either you search for the ID or date. The search results will get listed after chosen search. You will get the information about the reel in length, wide, ID and production date. If you want to see the defect map on the product/reel, you just click on the subject.


In the defect map section you find information about the actual reel or product. To get quick information you just point with your mouse over the product and a popup column shows the products position, ID, length, and wide in the reel. To see the defects on the product you click on the product, a new window show you in a list the defect by type of defect and position. Different kind of symbols determine the sort of defect.

There is also a zooming function in the program. It’s used to get a closer look over the defect area and you can choose how much of the reel you whish to see. For example you just want to see 3000-5000 meter and 2-3 meter from the reel.

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WebMonitor is a web application for the paper / nonwoven manufacture



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