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Are you in need of a simple way of distributing surveys to e.g. your customers or your personnel? Are there many surveys to be sent? Is it many questions and with that many answers to be registered and gathered? In that case has Pepto Systems developed a tool for making this process much easier for you!
EasySurveyor is a tool for creating and publishing surveys  on the web. The surveys  is created and designed in the administrative tool and could then be accessed and filled in by the user from the web in the form of a dynamic website.

The system is well suited for most kinds of surveys, such as surveys intended for your customers or personnel, health surveys or market analyses. The surveys  is yours to design, according to the needs and purpose and to your fancy, creating question groups with question alternatives, such as radio buttons, check boxes, combo boxes or text answers. The appearance of the survey is determined by the pictures, colors and fonts chosen from design. You are also able to add help contexts wherever extra clarification is needed.

Further advantages that comes with EasySurveyor is the ability to check if all questions has been answered by the user before all of the answers is saved to the database. This prevents incomplete answered surveys. Naturally, you can state a question to be non-compulsory when creating the survey. The system offers to create a user connected to a person, and thus restrict the user to answer the survey only once and also control if and when the survey has been filled in. Alternatively is the possibility to create a so-called anonymous user. These users are not connected to a specific person and could be represented by a group of people. There is no restriction of the number of times this kind of user is allowed to complete a survey. For example, one anonymous user could be represented by all customers in a grocery store asked to fill in a customer survey.

All answers are saved directly to a database and therefore nor manual work or paper work is no longer needed. This is a quite large advantage, since there is no considerable increased load of work to distribute and gather an extensive survey, compared to a less extensive one. All users and answers is stored in the database, and therefore keeping statistics on e.g. the answers, users answered and users not answered and answer date is quite simple.
The surveys could either be distributed as a link inside an e-mail or from the company homepage at the Internet.

The administrative tool

A logical structure of folders containing surveys is created in the administrative tool. This structure resembles the Explorer in Windows in appearance and functionality. It is quite easy to create new surveys, either as a blank one, from a Wizard or as inherited from an existing survey.

By marking a survey in the tree view and choose edit status, the survey is opened for design. In the design view it is possible to create and design the survey from the beginning to the end. Naturally, you can also modify and expand a survey already started or inherited.

The tree view shows the structure and contents of the survey. From here you are able to create/delete pages, question groups and questions. The page marked in the tree view is shown on the edit side including all its headers, question groups and questions. From the edit side you can also define the answer type for the question group, such as radio button or check box, and list its question alternatives. You can also change the color, background color and font for all texts and headings. Editing of the text is possible from the tree view as well as from the edit side.

The web survey

The survey is created from the administrative tool, is shown to the user at the Internet in the form of a dynamic web site. The website retrieves the structure of the survey from the database and displays it in a user friendly way. When the user has completed all questions the answers are finally stored in the data base for further analyze.

  • A simple way of distributing surveys to users at the Internet
  • A user friendly survey interface
  • Using the administrative tool, it is easy creating, designing and modifying electronic surveys
  • Neither paper work or manual reporting of the answers is necessary
  • The control of the users who have answered is good
    System requirements
  • Webserver (IIS 5.0 or higher)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

  • If you are interested in the web enabled questionnaire system or have any questions please contact

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