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OnTop DOT is the next generation of optimization software for the modern paper industry. OnTop DOT has the same objectives and solves the same problems as a traditional Trim planning (cutting stock) system such as OnTop Trim. In other words OnTop DOT minimizes losses in the production. The main difference is that DOT outperforms all existing (and future) Trim planning systems. In fact it isnít a Trim system at all.

A large case study shows that DOT can reduce 50% of the total amount of trim and rejection loss.

The results are based on a comparison between the actual production and the solutions generated by OnTop DOT. The tests shows that DOT in all cases where able to reduce the total waste loss (trim loss and rejections) significantly. Savings up to 50 % are not uncommon. Below youíll find a link to a summary of this study.
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At paper mills large rolls (hereafter called reels) are cut into smaller rolls. Since the volumes usually is huge itís ideal for optimization. The goal of this optimization is to reduce paper waste and to fulfill the demands of the different rolls. This problem is often called the Trim planning or Cutting Stock Problem (CSP). Solving this problem results in a production plan.

Most modern mills have the possibility to record defects in the web thru a so called web inspection system. These defects can cause rolls to be rejected due to poor quality. Depending on the number of defects and the quality standards the loss due to rejections may be quite large. Traditional optimization techniques that constructs a production plan canít minimize this waste. Since the plan is constructed before the reels have been produced they have no defect information.

The mathematical software OnTop DOT from Pepto Systems incorporates the defect information from the web inspection system in itís optimization and can therefore also minimize the waste caused by rejections.

Product description  

DOT stands for Defect Optimization Tool and as the name indicate the optimization also uses information from the web inspection system. DOT is a real time system that performs a powerful yet quick calculation (< 1 min) on every reel as they materialize in the web inspection system. The result is a optimal cutting pattern(s) for this reel.

DOT doesnít produce a conventional production plan and therefore requires greater dynamic capabilities for the mill in question (since the cutting pattern are created on the fly). Nevertheless DOT follows a blue print of a production plan that specifies the order stock, shipping dates, packing information and more so at the end of the day  DOT will decrease the orders stock as planned. DOT also has the capability to follow/import a conventional Trim plan. In this mode DOT is only invoked when necessary.


The mathematical module is a power full optimization engine that for each reel (or set) guarantees and optimal solution/pattern. This means that there doesnít exist a single millimeter extra loss. The calculation also takes the current order situation into account and selects patterns  that matches the expected out come. There is always a trade off between fulfilling the demand in a planned manner and reducing losses. For example on massively defect reels DOT will prefer narrow/cheap rolls. However DOTís functions for order control (the blue print mentioned above) takes care of this for the user. In fact the order control is so effective that it often mange to keep the whole production from a full order stock down to zero completely optimal.

Graphical Interface

DOT has an intuitive and rich operator interface that is ideal for decision support and traceability.

Integration and Customization issues

We on Pepto Systems are experienced in integration issues with a variety of production systems and can integrate DOT transparently. In fact DOT can work completely stand alone or just in read only mode consequently the impact on your IT infrastructure is virtually none.

Since every mill is unique and has itís own preferences and restrictions on how possible cutting patterns may be constructed DOT is designed to be highly customizable. The graphical interface is highly customizable or even exchangeable. DOT is a module based application so virtually nothing is impossible when it comes to rapid customization.

  • Decreases trim and rejection losses with up to 50%
  • Solves a problem in less than 30 seconds
  • Possibility to make manual adjustments with instant feedback about losses...
  • Well thought out and easy to use graphical interface
System requirements (minimum)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
  • 256 MB RAM
  • TCP/IP Network

So if you work in the paper- or nonwovenindustry, donīt hesitate to contact:

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